Wiosna w Residence

W ramach pakietu Wiosna w Residence oferujemy:pobyt w nowoczesnym apartamencie z aneksem kuchennym...

Price from: 197zł / 2 persons
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Wyjątkowe Lato 2021

Lato to czas, w któym przeszłość należy utopić w promieniach słońca.W ramach oferty...

Price from: 290zł / 2 persons
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Aktywny Senior - jesień - zima - wiosna

Pakiet Aktywny Senior - jesień - zima - wiosna zawiera:noclegi w komfortowym apartamencie z...

Price from: 0zł / 2 persons
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Apart Hotel

Why Apart Hotel?

The modern Aparthotel Residence located in charming Jastrzębia Góra by the Baltic Sea is a place for those who appreciate comfort, silence and a safe rest.

Plush and functional insides of our apartments were designed with our Guests in mind. A peaceful area around Aparthotel aids stays with children, both those who enjoy blissful laziness and active recreation as well as business meetings.

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Our assets

of conferences
Proximity to the
beach and the sea
and calmness
Perfect place
for families

Our Customers' feedback

Perfectly prepared and equipped room (we literally did not miss anything in it) very comfortable, clean and it even has a small kitchen :)


Perfect location of the Hotel. We were surprised by the hospitality of the owner, it was a very helpful and kind Man. The room was clean and cosy. A big balcony. We warmly recommend it :)



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